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Online GCSE French 🇫🇷Summer Course 2024

I've spent over 10 years elevating GCSE students to new heights in their language studies. Together, we can turn potential into exceptional achievements.

Google rating - 5/5

Expert GCSE French Tutor

Give me 1 hour a week, and I'll get you better French grades 🤩

I've spent over 10 years elevating GCSE students to new heights in their language studies. Together, we can turn potential into exceptional achievements.

Google rating - 5/5
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Affordable and effective GCSE French Classes

Group classes not only provide incredible value, but also create a collaborative environment where every participant's input elevates the entire group's learning experience.


Small group sizes

Maximum of 6 students per class means everyone gets to be fully involved.


Personal attention

I always ensure that individual learning needs are addressed.


Affordable rates

Benefit from quality tutoring at a fraction of the cost of one-on-one.


Exam expertise

I designed the languages curriculum in UK schools for 10+ years.


Tailored to GCSE syllabus

Lessons designed specifically around the GCSE curriculum, focusing on key exam skills.


Outstanding reviews

Parents and students consistently rate me highly for GCSE-focused tutoring.

Let's make top grades your reality

Through tailored lessons and targeted practice, I'll give you the edge in your GCSE exams.

Boost your grades
Master the oral exam
Develop listening skills
Grasp complex grammar

Don't just take my word for it...
My reviews speak for themselves

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Charlie was amazing! She played a huge part in helping our son feel more confident about himself and his learning.

Sue - GCSE Parent

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Charlie has given our daughter great advice and ways in which she can improve and achieve her absolute best! It’s clear that Charlie puts her heart and soul into what she does and continues to always display such enthusiasm.


GCSE Parent

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Charlie is a truly excellent, inspirational and dedicated teacher. She has constantly encouraged and supported my son to reach his full potential, always extremely generous with her time and going the extra mile to ensure he does his best.


GCSE Parent

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Charlie is an incredibly enthusiastic, kind and dedicated teacher. She taught me at GCSE level and her passion really showed through and inspired me to continue on to do A level, which she is helping me with now. Her lessons are really engaging and fun, she puts a lot of time into the preparation and I always come away understanding and appreciating the language so much more. She has a way of explaining things that helps to break down even the trickiest topics. I would really recommend her as a tutor!

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GCSE Student

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Charlie is the kindest and most understanding teacher I ever had. If there was anything I was confused about, she talked me through it until I fully understood no matter how long it took for me to understand it. She was the one teacher who believed in me throughout and managed to get me a grade 7, even when I was predicted to get a 4! Thank you so much!!

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GCSE Student

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I started lessons a few months ago with Charlie and she has helped me so much. My grades have already started improving and everything she is reteaching me makes a lot more sense than before

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GCSE Student

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Having Charlie as a tutor has been a game-changer for my Yr 9 daughter who is now confident and enthusiastic about French, and no longer worries about taking it for GCSE. My daughter is dyslexic and wasn't enjoying the French lessons at school, but she loves the zoom lessons with Charlie and her French has improved massively in a very short time.


GCSE Parent

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5 ⭐ Google rating

The right tutor gets the right results 🙌

I have helped thousands of students navigate the path to GCSE success. I know the key areas examiners focus on and how to tackle them effectively.

Achieving high grades in your GCSE is within reach; it's all about finding the right teaching style and strategies that resonate with you.

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Here is what is included in every lesson

Fully structured, personalised lessons
Video recordings for revision
Listening tracks with transcripts
Vocab lists and ready to use phrases
Detailed grammar notes with real examples
Grammar reinforcement activities
Writing tasks with full feedback
Reading exercises, articles, blogs
Ongoing personalised support
Conversation and speaking practice
Phonics, pronunciation and sounds
Interactive quizzes and weekly revision

Make an investment in
your future

Free trial lesson
Cancel anytime
No contracts


The fastest way to fluency.
Comprehensive private tuition.
per lesson
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Comprehensive 1-1 support
Personalised lesson plans
Access to learning portal
100's of resources to keep


Value and quality. My group lessons are skill-matched and designed for fun, interactive learning.
per lesson
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Conversation practise
Small group sizes (max 6)
Access to learning portal
100's of resources to keep

Let's get your dream grades 💭

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An online French tutor??
Your questions answered 🙋

Here are some of my most common questions.
If there is anything else you would like to know, you can always contact me here.

Is online tutoring as effective as in-person lessons?

Many studies, including some from the U.S. Department of Education, show that online learning is just as effective as classroom learning, and in some cases even better when interactive learning elements are present. I've tapped into those insights to make sure our lessons are not just effective, but also super engaging for you.

How do online French lessons work?

Lessons are held via Zoom, a video conferencing platform. Each lesson involves real-time interaction with me, guided learning, and practice exercises.

What will I need for my lessons?

You'll need a computer or device with internet access.
I provide all the learning materials.

Do I have to be on camera?

Not if you don't want to be! I think it helps us connect, but, if you feel more comfortable without a camera, thats totally fine.

How long is each lesson?

Each session typically lasts 60 minutes, though I offer longer sessions upon request.

What are your qualifcations?

I was Head of the Modern Foreign Languages department at multiple schools. I have worked in high achieving schools in the UK, Europe and Asia for over 10 years.

How much do French lessons cost?

Prices are different for private, group and business lessons. Please refer to my pricing page for detailed information.

What is the process if I need to cancel or reschedule a lesson?

I will always do whatever I can to rearrange a lesson at a more convenient time. Where possible please provide me with a minimum of 24 hours notice.